Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The LIttlest Art and Craft Fair 2008

Taa daa! Here is my setup at Laura's House (home of the 10th annual Littlest!). We always have so much fun at this sale. I see folks that I don't see in town all year long, just at Littlest! I'm realizing that I've got a few regulars too that come to see what I've got each year which is nice. Here you can see my bundles of baby change blankets in the left fore ground, men's and women's t-shirts in the fabric "box" at centre and my rack of shoulder bags, quilty bags, market bags and aprons! The drawer from Finn's dresser is on end to show off the baby quilty pants and give my setup some "height" - setups are a learning experience and luckily I've got some friends that are pros and full of good tips! It was a great day - despite the minus 30C temperatures, we still had a big turn out!