Friday, May 3, 2013

Simple Striped Scarves are back!

I've made another batch of simple striped scarves. A soft and styish rayon knit in 2 colours and 2 orientations. An easy way to spruce up your look. Ha! That's me trying to be a fashion writer! They'll be at the trunk show too!

Room Shoes 2013

This year's batch of room shoes (sorry about the photo, the light has been terrible around here!). In fact, I saw the blue sky yesterday briefly around 3:30pm and I was blown away - felt like ages since I'd seen such a clear, beautiful, bright blue colour. Making room shoes is such a revelation. When I hold a finished shoe in my hand I'm just amazed that I made it! This is a very rewarding item to make, a bit finicky and the sizes are "approximate" as I'm not what you'd call a precision sewer like some quilters I know. It's best to just try on a pair and go from there! Looking forward to Sunday - hope you can stop in. We'll also have lots of good things to eat while you browse our wares.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Office Picnic Car Picnic...

For the Trunk Show, I've made some picnic sets - placemat, utensils and chopsticks all in a neat package. The backing fabric is the blue dot canvas that is shown as well as a pale blue chevron canvas. I've always thought they would be good for the office, so you will always have the basics for those meals you eat at your desk. My good friends L&DH keep their sets in their car so they are always ready to sample good food at the market or at potluck picnics on the go. The design is from one of my favourite sewing books that would make a great gift for a new sewer. It's Lotta Jansdotter's and it's been around for a while but it is VERY good! Among other things, Lotta designs fabric that I really like and used last summer in some simple shifts.