Friday, December 7, 2012

The Clutch

This turned out to be last minute, but was planned a long time ago. The zippers took waaay too long to arrive, a month actually, and when they did show up it was 2 days before Littlest! Luckily I'm in good shape and was able to throw these fun clutches together. I've been wanting to make clutches for a year or more. I've experimented in the past but am finally happy, more or less, with this size. Some are made with very old barkcloth curtains. Hopefully they will survive some gentle use!


Lara's Hats with vintage buttons

I feel like I've knit a million of these hats for my good friend Lara (and I think I have 5 or so of my own in the mitten box). My mom has knit a great stack of them this year too - it's such a nice pattern and the button is always fun to choose. I'll have a few for sale at the Littlest this year, come take a look! Sat. Dec. 8th, 10 to 5pm, new location: 56 Carpiquet, Takhini North!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

O Tannenbaum Ornaments

O Tannenbaum Ornaments, originally uploaded by Georgi Pearson.

I've made barely a dent in my scrap fabric pile with these little trees! Note the faux bois trunks?!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Fresh Batch of Tea Towels!

I've made some patchwork tea towels again. It's been a few years, I've had the tea towels for ever, just waiting to be made up. Somehow I never took the time. Nice and bright, multicolour, blues, oranges and greens. For the Littlest this Saturday, December 8th, 56 Carpiquet in Takhini North - there will be a ham too! ;o)

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Hooray for the Littlest Onesies!

I was ironing on the appliques for these Littlest Onesies (for the Littlest, of course) and they looked like they were cheering hooray at me!