Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Star Skirt Slacker

Here at georgianna craft inc. we like to keep our employee happy. One of the perks on the job is allowing our employee to make something for herself after a hectic week of production for the company. Her latest reward, whipped up today, is shown here, a star skirt, which she hopes to wear to the Littlest on December 7th. The fabric is a canvas from IKEA a few years ago and she is very pleased with the results. Even if she grew up knowing not to wear white after Labour Day weekend...!

Cranberry Fair

See some of the wares from the fair on my flickr site! It was a great day. Saw lots of friends, babies and family.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Getting Ready for the Cranberry Fair

This weekend, Sunday to be precise, is the Cranberry Fair craft show here in Whitehorse. I really enjoy this fair and was really mad at myself when I botched my application last year. When I attended as a vendor in 2011 it was so much fun - I especially enjoyed being on the other side of the table as it can be very busy when you are a buyer instead of a seller! I really enjoy hearing who people are planning on giving their purchases to. There are lots of good stories and destinations too. Being a craft vendor in Whitehorse is a thrill as often your wares will end up across the country and sometimes across the globe. As a vendor I also love to catch up with friends I see in the crowd that I don't normally see day to day. The Tote No. 5, shown above, is made from some 1978 home dec fabric from my mother in law's fabric stash. It's really beautiful in person, with birds, bugs and cherry blossoms, or maybe pussy willows... I'm looking forward to Sunday and hope that my sewn goods will find new homes this Christmas. See you there!

These quilty pants could be my new all time favourites. Available in sizes from 6 months to 2 years.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Christmas Quilties

Sewing these up was a mouth watering experience. Another quilty pant first - 20 pairs of Christmas Quilties have been delivered to Angellina's Toy Boutique - not sure if they are putting them out right away or saving them for a bit.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A new top for me - reward for the 85 Quilty Pants!

This fabric has been tempting me on my sewing table for the past few weeks during Quilty-Pant-Fest! It's a Denyse Schmidt print from the Chicopee collection, kind of like a reproduction 1940s print. I used a favourite Simplicity pattern 3835 that I've made (here, here, here here and here. It was super quick, under an hour, to sew up. I also like this photo for how it shows my sewing room... late at night... after making quilty pant pair number 86 just in time for a special birthday boy. I timed myself on those pants - 22 minutes. Can you say sweat shop?!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

85 Pairs!?

I survived sewing 85 pairs of quilty pants this month. That's 170 legs, 340 layers of fabric! They will all be in Angellina's Toy Boutique today. What have I learned? Well, I think 85 might be too many to sew at one time. I've been dieing to switch gears and make myself something as a treat (which I hope to show shortly). I also have a bunch more fall corduroy skirts to sew for The Collective Good... and some wool bags for them too. I'm really excited to have all this sewing work, it really is fun. I'll never get rich but my daily routine is very rewarding. I've even managed to fit in some exercise here and there which probably adds to my satisfaction on the job. I've also managed to successfully get myself into the Cranberry Fair, a local arts and crafts fair in November. So I'll be busy making for that sale too. 'Tis the season to sew sew sew!

Monday, September 9, 2013

A Wool Bag 2 Ways

WHAT? No post since July??
I'm really looking forward to making a few more of these lovely wool bags in the near future. They are (or will be!) made with some wool plaids I've collected from Pendleton Woolen Mill in Portland, Oregon - just off the Springwater Corridor bicycle trail! They have a long strap and a handle strap that also gathers the bag shut. A wool bag has been on my to do list for a while - and soon it will be crossed off! Hooray!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Summer Quilty Pants

Another fresh batch of quilty pants has been delivered to our local toy shop. I've had the fabric for 2 months and it was torture not having the time to make them up sooner. I was about a month behind in getting these to the shop but it's been a busy spring! I'm telling myself they wouldn't have sold as they are a warm pant and we've actually had a warm summer! This is probably not true though, as many folks buy them now for the Fall. I'm wondering when I'll get tired of making 5-sets-of-8 pants (80 legs!) but so far so good! Wait 'til you see the Fall/Winter batch - it's a biggie!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Flower Dress for Baby of the Bride and Groom

Our family celebrated a wedding this past weekend and I was really excited to make, not only 2 cute flower dresses for my 2 cute nieces, but vests for my cute nephew, the best man and the groom aannnd... THE WEDDING DRESS! Yup! In fact I think I shrieked and hugged my sister-in-law to bits when she handed me a 60s vintage pattern that she had in mind to use! While we ended up diverging a bit from the original pattern, we stuck with a 60s minidress and she really pulled off that sweet, hipster, vintage look! It was a beautiful day to get married, everyone had a wonderful time - and looked good too!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


I have been the subject of an interview over on The Collective Good page. Go and take a look - Jen does such nice work over there, and at the real life shop too! 

Monday, June 3, 2013

A New Shop!

I'm so excited for my good friend Jen Williams as she enters the world of Whitehorse retail for the second time in the form of a lovely *little* shop called The Collective Good. Located in the Horwoods Mall at 1st and Main, this shop promises to bring unique and modern apparel, accessories and housewares to, in Jen's words, the good people of Whitehorse. I am also excited to play a small roll in stocking her shelves with a sampling of my women's clothing and accessories, as well as a few new tote styles with vintage fabric and Juniper wood buttons! The Collective Good will open this Thursday, June 6th and will be open Thursday to Saturday. I think you will thoroughly enjoy visiting this lovely space, I sure do!

Friday, May 3, 2013

Simple Striped Scarves are back!

I've made another batch of simple striped scarves. A soft and styish rayon knit in 2 colours and 2 orientations. An easy way to spruce up your look. Ha! That's me trying to be a fashion writer! They'll be at the trunk show too!

Room Shoes 2013

This year's batch of room shoes (sorry about the photo, the light has been terrible around here!). In fact, I saw the blue sky yesterday briefly around 3:30pm and I was blown away - felt like ages since I'd seen such a clear, beautiful, bright blue colour. Making room shoes is such a revelation. When I hold a finished shoe in my hand I'm just amazed that I made it! This is a very rewarding item to make, a bit finicky and the sizes are "approximate" as I'm not what you'd call a precision sewer like some quilters I know. It's best to just try on a pair and go from there! Looking forward to Sunday - hope you can stop in. We'll also have lots of good things to eat while you browse our wares.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Office Picnic Car Picnic...

For the Trunk Show, I've made some picnic sets - placemat, utensils and chopsticks all in a neat package. The backing fabric is the blue dot canvas that is shown as well as a pale blue chevron canvas. I've always thought they would be good for the office, so you will always have the basics for those meals you eat at your desk. My good friends L&DH keep their sets in their car so they are always ready to sample good food at the market or at potluck picnics on the go. The design is from one of my favourite sewing books that would make a great gift for a new sewer. It's Lotta Jansdotter's and it's been around for a while but it is VERY good! Among other things, Lotta designs fabric that I really like and used last summer in some simple shifts.

Monday, April 22, 2013

The Trunk Show Skirts

Here they are (although most of them still need hand sewn clasps at the back) ready for the Trunk Show next weekend. I couldn't resist one bicycle print this year but most of them are a houses and cities theme with some Kaffe Fassett flowers for good measure. I have a few skirts from last year available too - including a Richard Scary busytown streets skirt. We have some new talent at this year's show - I sure hope you can stop by if you are in Whitehorse on the 5th of May, just in time for Mother's Day - hint hint!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

New Zippies

More little sewn goods for The Trunk Show. The Zippy, slightly larger than what I used to make, is a one pocket wallet. Now I really need to get back to those skirts so that you can have one to match your Zippy (all fabrics will be in skirts as well - except the tricycle print unfortunately).

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Pinch Coin Purses

I have had the pinch purse hardware to make these little purses for too long. I bought them from my favourite fabric and sewing shop of inspiration in Toronto the workroom. If you are in Toronto you really should stop in there! Finally (in a fit of procrastination from finishing more skirts!) I made 4 of them this morning. The best part is I get to use some old favourite scraps of fabric. The green interior of the open pinch purse was used to make my dear friend K a skirt, the orange and yellow sunflowers was used for many things but my favourite would be quilty pants for M who is now 7! Her mom loved them so much I got to see them at many play groups! The brown city fabric I made into this dress for my first Cranberry Fair arts and crafts show in 2011 and the bright houses is a new skirt for this year. Come see these cuties at the Trunk Show, Sunday May 5th at the Chocolate Claim!

Friday, April 12, 2013

A-line Skirts 2013

It's that time of year again - skirt season! Although, looking across the country today you wouldn't know it - snow blizzards abound! Luckily these sturdy A-line skirts look great with boots! This year's batch is about houses and city scapes - and some pink bikes too. Click on the picture to see the others on my flickr site. More coming in dark blues, check back next week! This batch of skirts will be for sale at The Trunk Show on May 5th, see you there? By the way, A-line skirts are shaped like the letter 'A', that's where they get their name.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Thinking of Pressing Repeat

Don't get too excited - I made these in 2011. I'm thinking of making another batch for this year's Trunk Show - Sunday, May 5th - mark your calendars! Artists joining us are listed on the side bar. 10 - 4pm at the Chocolate Claim on Strickland St.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sneak Peek

40 new pair of quilty pants are coming soon to a toy store near you - if you live in Whitehorse! Angellina's Toy Boutique is expanding into a beautiful new space with lots of windows on Main St. Exciting times!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

More Ed Emberley

I really like Eb Emberley's drawing books (not just for kids!) and the fabric to match makes for a fun gift. Imagine having a dress AND the book that tells you how to draw the animals to match. Here's one of many books. The dresses and matching headbands have been received by the birthday girls and the book will have to join them soon (it arrived a bit late!). I found the fabric at fabricworm but it's going fast.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Colour Sorting 3 bins of fabric scraps - hello January project.

I have a lot of fabric scraps. My sewing tends to use up big pieces of new fabric, not the bits. But I save those bits and now they are starting to stress me out! So here I am, sorting them by colour:
orange and
Japanese prints!
My idea is to make bins (see below) for each colour, iron each scrap and fold neatly for easy access and use in my projects that use little bits. These projects are few but include t-shirt applique, ticker tape quilts, tea towels... I think that's it. So far I have 2 buckets made. I seem to have been distracted by market bags, birthday boy bags, snow biking face masks, polyester pants and a wedding dress!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Happy 2013!

Welcome back! Hope everyone had a great holiday, we did. Temperatures warmed up enough for some skiing, tobogganing and digging in the snow. I managed to finish all my homemade christmas gifts. This shirt for D was my favourite a) because it turned out ok, b) because it actually fit and c) men's shirts have lots of interesting construction features and tricks that make them fun to put together. I'll post a few more Christmas present projects below...
A dragon dress for R in Ed Emberley fabric. There are some great how to draw books out there by Ed and some great matching fabrics too.
Vests for my 2 year old nephews R and P. How lucky am I to have two 2 year olds to sew for?! This is a great pattern from the Leila and Ben blog.

Bubble Skirts for K and E. I hear from their mom that they can be worn reversible! These bubble skirts I made from a tutorial for a bubble dress on the blog Straight Grain. I think I just added an inch for the waistband and skipped the bodice pieces - although that dress is looking very cute too!