Friday, January 20, 2012

We Wilsons Flip Doll

Finally! I have had this pattern on my to-do list for so many years now! It is a flip doll pattern, purchased from We Wilsons, actually, from her etsy shop. She has many stuffy designs that are really well thought out (I think) and very unique. While she doesn't sell this pattern anymore, I thought it was very straight forward and fun to sew. I wouldn't say it was easy, it was challenging, in a fun way though - not in a rip seams out and curse a blue streak way. I took my time on it (for a change, heeding her advice that it was tricky) and it really paid off. So quirky and cute! I'm tempted to just make the fox as a stand alone doll, he's so awesome! I'm also tempted to try the dragon/knight flip doll, but I'm concerned it might stay on my to do list for 2 years as did this guy!