Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A New Dress

I was inspired to buy this Jennifer Paganelli fabric and make this dress by a blog out there that I can no longer find (still looking!). A woman was writing about choosing between 2 dresses to wear to a wedding and the blue one was a floral print, reminiscent of wall paper or upholstery fabric and it looked great! I'm pretty happy with this one, a New Look 6799 that was the closest style I could find in town (we have a limited selection of patterns around here...). The fabric is called Loopy Vintage Floral - and it is! If I make it again I think I will modify the neck line to a regular sleeveless style. It's a bit 50's and looks great with a cardigan (Grannie-it-up in the words of my husband...!). A bittersweet use of vintage buttons - at the back, I'll never see them!