Sunday, April 29, 2012

New Skirt Design - Scrappy Skirts? Layer Cakes? Layer Cakes!

I've been stressing out about the amount of scrap fabric I've accumulated over the past 10 years and the fact that my projects (and products) do not tend to use them up as quickly as I make them. I give a fair few of them away to a crafty friend who accepts them with great zeal but that isn't really helping... I guess I should give her MORE! These Layer Cake skirts came about with the idea of using up said scraps but, in the end, they require large strips of fabric and aren't helping me at all! They are fun though and they're a nice mix of things I've made - from kids Quilty Pants and Twirly Girl Skirts to aprons, bags and belts that are out there. Perhaps you'll recognize a layer or two? These lovelies will be for sale at the Spring Trunk Show on Sunday, May 6th at the Chocolate Claim on Strickland Street. Come by and say hello. There will be lots of incredible things to see, all made by local talented people I know. These skirts are long and wide with the intention that I can shorten and take them in for folks of all sizes.