Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween, originally uploaded by Georgi Pearson.
A late night post - most have you are stuffed with treats by now and having crazy dreams because of it! We had a big dump of snow Friday night which made for a blue sky, powdery, wintery October 31st. A little cow is out there trudging down the street as I type! We had our 5 minutes of Halloween around here - that was the length of time I was able to get Finn to wear his vampire cape and mask, which only happened because I used the age old mother's solution, THE BRIBE. It has been a challenging Halloween, to say the least. First off, I beat the rush and bought a nice big pumpkin at the grocery store (no patches up here - although someone did grow pumpkins in their greenhouse with success!), it had a proper stem for a handle, it was terrific! Until it froze... and went to mush... So, all week I checked all 5 grocery stores, yes that's 5 total, and no pumpkins. One glimmer of hope was a shipment of pumpkins was due Thursday at the Super A, so back we went and hooray - one tall, skinny pumpkin with a great little handle came home with us!