Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Happy 2013!

Welcome back! Hope everyone had a great holiday, we did. Temperatures warmed up enough for some skiing, tobogganing and digging in the snow. I managed to finish all my homemade christmas gifts. This shirt for D was my favourite a) because it turned out ok, b) because it actually fit and c) men's shirts have lots of interesting construction features and tricks that make them fun to put together. I'll post a few more Christmas present projects below...
A dragon dress for R in Ed Emberley fabric. There are some great how to draw books out there by Ed and some great matching fabrics too.
Vests for my 2 year old nephews R and P. How lucky am I to have two 2 year olds to sew for?! This is a great pattern from the Leila and Ben blog.

Bubble Skirts for K and E. I hear from their mom that they can be worn reversible! These bubble skirts I made from a tutorial for a bubble dress on the blog Straight Grain. I think I just added an inch for the waistband and skipped the bodice pieces - although that dress is looking very cute too!