Sunday, January 8, 2012

2 New A-line Skirts, made to order.

A very patient friend put in an order for 3 A-line skirts for work. She picked the fabric and I made them up. Unfortunately the Christmas Craft Rush interfered and the skirts were delayed terribly. I'm hoping (!) to turn over a new leaf and try to do orders right away instead of allowing them to get derailed by other projects. Wish me luck! The first one I did manage to get out to J before Christmas, a stunning teal corduroy, thin wale, by Robert Kaufman I think, with a bit of stretch. Lovely for a skirt and so vibrant. These 2 are a quilting cotton, Modern Martini by Amy Butler and Rashida Coleman-Hale's linen/cotton blend of a lovely graphic pattern called I Heart Wavy Lines. All terrific picks for the versatile a-line. If you are wondering whether I take orders I do but for now it's A-line skirts only and we're off on holiday soon so I can take orders but they can't be filled until the end of March/early April. I'm really not that reliable ;o)