Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Village Frock by Sugar City

These dresses were fun and a real challenge to make. I thought I read on a blog some where that a woman sewed one in an hour! Not the case for me! The fabric is a cotton/linen blend and the texture of the gathers was amazing after a tumble in the dryer - no ironing required! The Sugar City blog is here and there is a link to her shop and patterns.

Monday, November 30, 2009

The making of the Littlest Onesies

Here are a few new littlest onesie designs for this year (more elephants!). I use American Apparel onesies, made in the USA with long sleeves. I find the short sleeved onesies often get covered up as undershirts and babies never get to show off their smart shirts! If you use cloth diapers, the snap crotch design also helps keep everything where it should be! I tried brown onesies last year and they were a hit so they're back again this year along with basic whites.