Saturday, November 24, 2012

Holiday Season 2012 Batch of Anna's Belts

Just a sampling of this year's belts! I love making these - so many colours and so fun to wear. Bad news on the new clutch I'd planned - the zippers didn't arrive in the mail yet. Hopefully they'll arrive in time for The Littlest on December 8th... stay tuned, because the clutch is really cute!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Territory Pillows

I'm wondering if someone has made these before? I've noticed state shapes in everything from neighbourhood posters to cast iron frying pans out there in the craft world. I really like the shape of the Yukon and thought why not? My 6 year old was really impressed and wants one for his room, what a great way to get familiar with your Territory! I've also been thinking they'd make a great gift for family "outside" to remind them of their family "up here". My other idea, for the paddlers, would be to embroider favourite river trips, The Wind, The Snake, The Yukon... or all your river trips, as a reminder of good times in our lovely Yukon Territory.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Fresh Stack of Quilty Bags

Once again I'm wishing I started sewing earlier! Here is the latest to come off the ol' Juki sewing machine. A colourful stack of my oldest and dearest design - the Quilty Bag. I'll be at The Chocolate Claim this Sunday for the Lingonberry art and craft fair so come by if you can. 10 til 3pm, same day as Cranberry Fair just down the street.