Saturday, September 21, 2013

85 Pairs!?

I survived sewing 85 pairs of quilty pants this month. That's 170 legs, 340 layers of fabric! They will all be in Angellina's Toy Boutique today. What have I learned? Well, I think 85 might be too many to sew at one time. I've been dieing to switch gears and make myself something as a treat (which I hope to show shortly). I also have a bunch more fall corduroy skirts to sew for The Collective Good... and some wool bags for them too. I'm really excited to have all this sewing work, it really is fun. I'll never get rich but my daily routine is very rewarding. I've even managed to fit in some exercise here and there which probably adds to my satisfaction on the job. I've also managed to successfully get myself into the Cranberry Fair, a local arts and crafts fair in November. So I'll be busy making for that sale too. 'Tis the season to sew sew sew!