Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Pinch Coin Purses

I have had the pinch purse hardware to make these little purses for too long. I bought them from my favourite fabric and sewing shop of inspiration in Toronto the workroom. If you are in Toronto you really should stop in there! Finally (in a fit of procrastination from finishing more skirts!) I made 4 of them this morning. The best part is I get to use some old favourite scraps of fabric. The green interior of the open pinch purse was used to make my dear friend K a skirt, the orange and yellow sunflowers was used for many things but my favourite would be quilty pants for M who is now 7! Her mom loved them so much I got to see them at many play groups! The brown city fabric I made into this dress for my first Cranberry Fair arts and crafts show in 2011 and the bright houses is a new skirt for this year. Come see these cuties at the Trunk Show, Sunday May 5th at the Chocolate Claim!

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