Monday, November 10, 2008

SOURCES FOR OUTDOOR FABRICS (from the now defunct Textile Outfitters)


Peak Fabrics, Calgary, AB
Products: Polartec fleeces, wicking fabric, jogging fleece, ribbing, Commander fabric, waterproof breathables, Supplex nylon, Melton wool, cotton knits, riding breech fabric, zippers, Thinsulate, notions, Jalie patterns and Kwik Sew Patterns.
YKK Zippers, Calgary, AB
Products: YKK finished zippers of most sizes and colors.
Elanna Outerwear Limited, Innisfail, AB
Products: fleece, Commander, insulations, linings, Kwik Sew patterns, Jalie patterns and Suitability patterns.
MacPhee Workshop, Edmonton, AB
Products: pack cloth, fleece, Commander, ribbing, wool fabrics, cotton knits, waterproof breathable fabrics, mukluk supplies, Thinsulate, fur, zippers.

Discovery Trekking Outfitters Ltd., Campbell River, BC
Products: wicking fabrics, Polartec fleeces and wind/waterproof technical fleeces - Also custom design sewing for special needs clients.

Sundrop Textiles, Port Coquitlam, BC
Products: Wicking fabrics, fleeces, Supplex nylon, Thinsulate, water proof breathable fabrics, UV fabric, Kwik Sew patterns, Suitability patterns, Jalie patterns, zipper info, swim fabrics.


Seattle Fabrics, Seattle, Washington, USA
Products: camo fabrics, canvas, meshes, Thinsulate, Sunbrella, Tough Tek, neoprene, waterproof breathables, coated and uncoated nylons, marina fabrics, Phifertex, clear vinyl, riding breech fabrics, Polartec fleeces, knit ribbing.
Outdoor Wilderness Fabrics, Caldwell, Idaho, USA
Products: heat sealing seam tape, Kevlar, canvas, pack cloth, YKK zippers, plastic hardware, Tough Tek, wicking fabrics, ballistic nylon, Phifertex, Cordura, Supplex nylon, Polartec fleece, neoprene, Solarweave, Thinsulate, waterproof breathables, Green Pepper patterns, Controlled Exposure patterns, The Rain Shed patterns, Jalie patterns.
Rockywoods Outdoor Fabrics, Loveland, CO, USA
Products : meshes, plastic hardware, camouflage fabric, Polartec fleece,
Thinsulate, Cordura, ballistic nylon, Supplex nylon, Ripstop nylon, pack cloth, neoprene, Solarweave, wicking fabrics, water proof breathables, Kwik Sew patterns, Controlled Exposure patterns, Jalie patterns, Suitability patterns, and Green Pepper patterns.
Malden Mills Fabrics, Lawrence, MA, USA
Products: full rolls of Polartec fleeces as well as yardage cuts.
Beacon Fabrics and Notions, Lakeland, Florida, USA
Products: drapery grommets, clear vinyl, Supplex nylon, Sunbrella, pack cloth, marine fabric, webbing, Phifertex, Cordura.

Quest Outfitters, Sarasota, Florida, USA
Products: waterproof breathables, neoprene, Schoeller fabrics, wicking fabrics, fleece, pack cloth, Cordura, Ballistic nylon, Siltarp, Thinsulate, hardware, canvas, webbing, neoprene.

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