Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Wrap Skirts

I've been having a great time with these cotton/linen skirts and coordinating Denyse Schmidt prints and a bit of Heather Bailey print too! They're really fun to wear (the brown one is already wrinkled in the photo since I couldn't resist wearing right away!). The plan is to make a bunch in 3 sizes for The Mother's Day Trunk Sale that we're going to have on May 2nd. Ever since I saw The Workroom's trunk shows I've been wanting to have one of our own! So over the next few months there will be a few projects here that will go towards that Sale.


Spool {} said...

Your stuff is lovely!

I love the fabric you sent for the SMS swap! Thank you so much :)
I'm still mulling over what to use it for, but I'll post and send a link when I do get something together.

Anonymous said...

i love these! they look so nice, yet comfortable!