Friday, August 28, 2009

Elephant Pattern circa 1975

I "relieved" my mom of this 1975 craft magazine a few years ago (perhaps 30 years after she bought it?!) and I finally made this elephant - but without all the embroidery! He's a nice shape. I'm looking for projects to use up my scraps with. These guys, and yes, I plan on making a herd, a parade and a memory of them, will be made from market bag scraps, which are heavy weight cotton canvas or cotton/linen blends. This pink elephant is a really nice IKEA print - they have the nicest cottons there...

Isn't blogging great - not until I looked at this photo did I see the error I made - can you spot it? My ears are upside down! But I think I prefer them that way anyway!

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RachelW said...

I've just discovered your blog through Urban Yukon. It's so delightfully crafty. I love these elephants! Is there any chance I could get a photocopy of that pattern from you?