Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Fresh Batch for the Chocolate Claim

I had a really productive evening this week (Forest was 'rebalancing' his investments?!) while I managed to crank out 7 new belts, 6 hankies and 2 more pot handle holders.


Janet said...

Hi Georgianna. I was looking through your blog entries and noticed the black manniquin forms used to display your skirts. I am looking for such a form, since I have a dress from the 40s that I'd like to display. Do you mind me asking where you purchased them? What am I looking at in terms of the price? Ideally I'd like to have a dress form from that era but I haven't come across one. Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

Georgi said...

Funny you should ask about THAT mannequin as it was a real pain. I bought it on ebay out of the states somewhere and when it arrived, there was no base to it. After several frustrating emails and eventually phone calls and photos, I finally got them to mail me what I thought would be a base - but it was another body form, no base. I think after about 6 months (no joke) the base finally did arrive and I gave the second extra body to Sequels consignment shop. So, I can't say I'd recommend ebay, but I really wanted one - I too am still looking for a vintage one but wow,they are really hard to find it seems! Sorry for the unencouraging saga of my mannequin!