Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Rhubarb Jams

I think I've jammed about 12 pounds of rhubarb this week! It's jobs like this that I'm glad for a big kitchen, most of the time I'm thinking my counter top is too big and just collects junk as a result. On that topic however, I'm on a bit of a counter top kick - an effort to be able to see my counter tops all day - the second something lands on the counter it's quickly assessed and put where it's supposed to go. Back to the jam though! I've made some Ginger Rhubarb Jam and some Tangy Orange Rhubarb Jam. Making jam reminds me of my Grandma Ward and the first time I made peach jam in her kitchen. I don't think it turned out right though, I think I always get the length of boiling wrong. Similarly with this batch, I tried the jelly test but I'm never sure, is the dab of jam wrinkling on top as it cools on a frozen plate or not? I think I should invest in a candy thermometer to save me the worry! Alas, rhubarb seems to be very forgiving and these batches taste dee-lish - at least to me and my 3 year old - hubby doesn't like rhubarb, and that's another story!

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