Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Three Brother-in-Law Shirts

What I learned about making men's shirts... they are a LOT of work! I've made a few in the past and I've always wondered about making a bunch for the next trunk show or to sell since folks always comment on those I've made for my husband and good friend DH. Making 4 at once (3 brothers-in-law plus aforementioned good friend!) opened my eyes and you know what? I'm not making these to sell, nu-uh! Friends and family only. I really like them and the groovy retro shirting fabric I found (thanks to Habitual, see blog list on right) is exactly what I envision when making men's shirts. But when I was sewing them, I managed to sew the Japanese top #21 in between collars, plackets, pockets and snaps in what seemed like 10 seconds, compared to the hours the men's shirts took up! The snaps alone seemed to take a half hour each shirt - although I did get a bit faster after the first one. Cowboy shirt snaps, by the way, are from Cowgirl Snaps if you need some, and you just might as they are the coolest fastener and the colours are incredible! I'm looking around trying to figure out what else needs cool snaps! The pink shirt, for youngest brother, was my first cowboy style and it was fun - I tried it on and it makes a really nice women's shirt too if I do say so myself! Hmm... maybe I should make one for me... on the other hand, I could have 4 Japanese Top #21 in the time it would take...!

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