Tuesday, May 12, 2009

First Knitting Post - what?!

How can this be my first knitting post? I knit all the time! Ahhh... I know why, because every knitting project I've done is usually late or "just in time" and gets sent out the door before I remember to take a picture! For example, these little fishies were wrapped and then unwrapped and then re-wrapped for precisely that reason - the photo shoot. This sweater is from a Zoe Mellor book that I found in our library (which has a great selection of knitting books, long winters you know...) and then my mom bought us each a copy. Mom went on to knit a zillion sweaters from it (I'll have to ask her for the official count but my guy alone has a rooster, a tiger and a puppy dog!). I used the rooster sweater pattern and mixed it with the butterfly border and then found the fish motif in another library book to come up with this 3-in-1 sweater. It's in a merino style cotton from Knit Picks and I'm wondering how it will hold up. To be honest it was very fluffy while knitting, I'm wondering if there will be anything left of it but the fish (which were knit in a different, lovelier cotton from local Knit Now shop) after a few washes. I like the idea of a cotton sweater and it is incredibly silky soft but time will tell how to holds up... I have visions of it getting wider and shorter, while the intended wearer, my super duper cute niece River just gets taller and slimmer! This could be a "buy local" lesson, I'll let you know.

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