Tuesday, November 22, 2011

44 Belts

Belts for Cranberry Fair by the case load! Like most things lately, I can make them in my sleep! While I have been busy sewing for Cranberry, LIttlest and 12 Days, I did manage to fall off the wagon and make a skirt (or 2) that are not part of the plan. Sometimes when an idea comes along, you just have to make it! It's a horizontal stripe skirt of 6 or 7 fabrics with a simple elastic waistband. I may make them for Littlest but they are kind of silly for this minus 25 and 30 weather we're having! Unless you're heading for a beach holiday soon! Hmmm... maybe I should make a couple more - and lose the turtleneck sweater!

New Skirt Idea

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