Sunday, November 13, 2011


The Cafe Apron goes like this:
Cut all pieces, sew loop, press, iron hems, sides and bottom, iron top edge of fabric panel, sew fabric panel to apron, right sides together, sides and top, turn, press, sew along bottom edge of panel, don't forget to insert hang up loop, sew all around apron, sew tie across and tie ends, add label. Press. Repeat.
The Cafe Apron 2011!
The Market Bag goes like this:
Cut all peices, hem and sew pocket top, sew up straps, press, sew sides of bag, serge sides, sew corners of bag, serge corners, press upper hem, sew upper hem, sew straps on (least favourite part, only takes 4 minutes but need to do it 4 times per bag = tedious!!). Add label. Press. Repeat 34 times. 68 straps. 136 strap attachments.
Market Bags

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